Here’s Link Showing Off 24 Of His New Outfits

Here’s Link Showing Off 24 Of His New Outfits

You’ve found the Triforce and rescued the princess before, but you’d never done it looking this good.

Tri Force Heroes (yes, there’s a space there) will be out in a little over a month. As the launch day nears we’ve been getting more and more looks at the kind of content we can expect in this new multiplayer Zelda title for the 3DS. A whole slew of new costumes have been discovered, and while some are simple and elegant others are simply hilarious. So let’s have a Link fashion show and talk about our favourites.

Make it work, people.

Yowza. We knew Link would be dawning some lady outfits in Tri Force Heroes, as we’ve seen the Zelda dress before, but… wow. Cheerleader Link is quite the looker though. Wouldn’t mind sharing a milkshake with him at the local malt shop.

Link looks pretty great with a big bushy mustache and as a pudgy cactus. Maybe he can hug his enemies to death.

Link actually pulls off the Tingle look better than Tingle himself. Maybe it’s because he’s not just some weirdo in a unitard shouting “KALOO!” and throwing glitter in peoples faces.

Mighty Morphing Power Link is the best Link, though sexy cheetah Link isn’t far behind. I know Link doesn’t talk, but if he could I would hope he’d be muttering cat puns all day. Purrrrrfect.

And representing the “other Nintendo franchises” collection are the Hammer Bros and Ice Climbers outfits. Why not Captain Falcon and Samus, Nintendo? Saving those for a later reveal, I’m sure.

In the last bunch we have one of the most unique costumes. A 3D pixel-inspired Link who looks more akin to Crossy Road or Minecraft than a retro Zelda title. I’m sure that will be a hit with the sandbox building crowd.

t’s hard to tell what other types of digs Link might appear in next. I’m interested to see the strengths and weaknesses of these ensembles, as players may find themselves in a bizarre getup just to reap the power-up benefits. I guess we’ll have to wait until October 23 to find out.

Until then I’m going to start putting blueprints together for some Power Ranger Link cosplay.

Ben Bertoli is a freelance games journalist and a snappy dresser (according to his mum). Follow him on twitter @SuperBentendo.


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