Heroes Of The Storm Americas In Photos, Day Two

The final day of the Heroes of the Storm Americas championships was home to all the action. After all, it was the day that determined whether teams would be going home with the prize money — and those precious tickets to Blizzcon.

So how did the crowd respond? With wiffle bats, of course. Warning: many photos after the jump.

The venue didn't change for the second day, but the crowd did swell to almost capacity at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (one of the halls within the centre, anyway). There was plenty of enthusiasm for the war waged between Blizzard heroes across multiple battlegrounds, even if the crowd didn't fully comprehend what was happening all the time.

One creative spectator, an older woman with her husband, happily drew up a sign professing her ignorance. "I Have No Idea What's Going On" might have been the best sign of the event, although sadly I didn't manage to score a photograph.

Fortunately, there were plenty of other opportunities to capture the mood of the final day and you can see them all below.

The author travelled to the Heroes of the Storm Americas championships as a guest of the developer.


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