Heroes Of The Storm Is Changing Its Ranked Structure, Blizzard Announced Today.

Briefly: Heroes of the Storm is changing its ranked structure, Blizzard announced today. Players will only be able to queue up for ranked games with one other person instead of two or three like they can now. Hopefully this will lead to improved (read: more fair) matchmaking, although I'm certainly not bitter about that.


    I think all of this could also be solved with built in voice chat. At the moment you get thrown in a team where no ones talking because we're all on different TS servers etc. Of course standard mute options apply.

    blah... this is moronic... so my friends and i (a team of 4 who play ranked together...) are now not allowed to play ranked together wtf.

      Also you can't get into Team either I believe with only 4... Kinda limiting you to QM.

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