Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Isn't Really Working Right Now

Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Isn't Really Working Right Now

Heroes of the Storm has been running very well for the most part since I started playing it earlier this year. It's suddenly gotten a lot worse over the past few days though.

I first started to notice an issue with my personal HOTS game when I was unable to queue up for a few Heroes games on Saturday night. This was after experiencing much worse than usual lag and several game-crashing disconnects earlier in the evening (serious apologies to anyone watching my stream!). Whenever I would press the "ready" button to signal that I wanted to jump into the matchmaking queue, I would immediately be kicked out and greeted with an error message saying: "S2MASTER_UNKOWN_MMQ_HANDLE."

Normally, queuing up for matchmaking in Heroes makes your chosen hero character switch their default stance to a more combative one like so:

Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Isn't Really Working Right Now

...to this:

Heroes Of The Storm Matchmaking Isn't Really Working Right Now

The "S2MASTER_UNKOWN_MMQ_HANDLE" made it so that whenever I tried to ready up a character like the giant pink ladybug you can see above (real name Anub'arak), he'd forcibly return to his idle state all of a sudden.

I had a few bouts of this issue that seemed to be resolved, if only temporarily, by restarting the game. But a quick scan of the HOTS community confirmed that many other players were dealing with similar issues, and some haven't been able to play at all over the past few days. Threads on the game's subreddit and official forum pages identify the same problem with readying up, with nobody able to find a clear solution or workaround yet. Some players (including several friends that I play with regularly) have been able to temporarily avoid the issue by restarting their clients, but it still ends up flaring up for them again afterwards.

Blizzard's customer support Twitter said last night that the developer is currently looking into an issue with HOTS connections and queues:

Though it may be unrelated, they also identified an issue causing some HOTS players to have extremely high ping times that've been making the game all but unplayable:

Although this issue has a (somewhat) clearer workaround than the other ones. A player on the HOTS forums recommended fixing it directly in the command prompt:

Blizzard has some kind of bug in Heroes of the Storm that causes high latency randomly even while internet speed is above 60mb/s. However, this does not only effect my Heroes of the storm, as soon as Hots causes it, I start to randomly disconnect in other games.

Open CMD window in administrator mode (must run as admin, if you don't it will ask for elevation) and run this

netsh winsock reset (then press enter)

It requires a computer restart but it fixes the latency for Hots until the bug decides to appear again. No other solution had worked for me, but I keep this saved because it has been working.

For any of you having Latency problems please tell me if my solution works for you.

Flushing DNS will not work. I've tried it a million times.

I, for one, am just gonna keep playing League of Legends and Dota 2 until the dust settles for Heroes once again.


    Was HotS matchmaking ever really working?

      I haven't had any issues with it so far but I've only played maybe 30 matches. It can be slow if you're trying to play a character that is popular (like a newly released one) but that's to be expected.

    yeah its even been adding in more tanks than needed, 3, on one team to be exact... with one assassin and a murkey.
    its really screwed up

    That's not really the match makers fault. If your team can't selfless choose a balanced team then that's on them.

      no a bunch of solo que'ers put together by the matchmaking system, i asked in chat and they all were solo queing as well

        That's quick match though. It'll happen.

          Oh yeah forgot about QM. I pretty much only play HL now. Must less likely to catch a team full of newbs.

            Still happens though. Just yesterday I went to a >400 second queue. Three of my team mates started raging at draft select because I picked Sonya as a second warrior.
            I checked their ranks, 49, 50 and 34. While I'm Rank 1...

            I just laughed and asked them why they care if people take heroes which aren't necessarily flavour of the month when they are such low ranks.

            The rank 34 rehgar then refused to heal me for the whole match because he was annoyed that I had picked Sonya.

            Me and my friend still topped damage, and i out tanked johanna, without getting heals. At end of game we had around 65k and 75k damage, the other three that raged in draft select had <10k each.

            I would have much rather waited another few minutes to not get matched with people that are closer matched.

              If they just called her an assassin i dont think she would get so much hate.

              Ya. I had a shit experience last night. Unranked guy playing Illidan was raging about our tanking and healing (I was tanking with ETC). I look at the scoresheet and he's got 5 deaths 0 takedowns and only 3k hero damage. I was playing ETC and had 5k hero damage, and 38K damage absorbed. It's like dude, before throwing blame around about why we are losing you should prob's have look at what your contributions are.

              The worst is when you lose the first team fight pr map objective. And they say GG. And then decide to do barely do anything for the rest of the game other than rage in chat.

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