Hey, There's A New Danganronpa Out This Week

Dear Kotaku: I have failed you. There's a new Danganronpa out this week, and I've barely even touched it.

Blame Steins;Gate and then Metal Gear Solid V because for some reason I volunteered to review Kojima's latest epic and I haven't had time for anything else. So for the past few weeks I've had an early copy of Danganronpa: Another Episode — which came out yesterday for Vita — and zero time to play it.

I did squeeze in a couple hours on a flight last week, which isn't nearly enough time to give you guys a full-on recommendation, but at least I can tell you that it's very much a Danganronpa game, from the subversive humour to the incredible style. After just two chapters I'm already hooked on the plot, too — it's deviously grisly. And the new characters are wonderful.

But Another Episode, unlike its predecessors, is an action game. You get to play as Komaru Naegi — sister of Danganronpa star Makoto Naegi — and her buddy, Genocide Jill, as you shoot your way through a city that's been infested by robotic Monokumas. Most of the game involves shooting those bears with Naegi's speaker-phone (or switching to Genocide Jill for easy-mode hacking and slashing) and finding creative ways to make things explode. The action, which is reminiscent of Resident Evil, is clunky yet adorable, broken up by puzzle sections that task you with blowing up bears in creative ways.

So, yes. New Danganronpa! Hopefully I'll have more time to play and write about Another Episode over the next few days/weeks.


    ohhh it's out!!!

    sweet jeebus my wallet

      Not quite (Unless you get "creative" with your PSN accounts). PAL territories should be getting it digitally tomorrow (assuming nothing goes wrong), while the physical release is next week.

      Last edited 03/09/15 7:09 pm

        Slight let-down after a moment of surprise euphoria! Damn Australia being 10 hours ahead yet 48 hours behind at all times. Still, caught me off guard and still pleased.

        noooo I have to wait a few hours more.

        Although I have memory card space woes... what to delete...

    w000000t~ I have the other 2 games and now I'm gonna have this one :D

    Last edited 03/09/15 7:37 pm

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