Hideo Kojima Says Goodbye To Metal Gear Solid, And It's A Tear-Jerker

It starts slow, and feels a little self-indulgent. But this Metal Gear Solid V debriefing ends with as something of a genuine tear-jerker. Sorta like the games themselves.

It's funny as I was watching this I felt a little frustrated. This 10 minute video was essentially a montage of people telling Hideo Kojima how great he was, interspersed with a few interesting quotes from Kojima himself. But it ends with a visit to a family of a long-time Metal Gear Solid fan and suddenly you get a sense of real humility.

This is a great watch.


    That's what it's all about.

    But what are the chances of Gillespie sharing a surname with an important Silent Hill character?

    Bullshit! Nothing Kojima has ever been involved in has been slow starting or self-indulgent.

    I don’t believe you. If just because it only goes for 10 minutes!

    Great watch. Teared up a tiny bit at the end. So great he took time out to go and see the family, even after Sean had passed away. Great to know after all this time, Kojima still understands how important the players and fans are in the whole equation.

    There was no mention in the video that Kojima would be leaving Konami...

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