How To Get Into World Of Warcraft's Hidden Zone

How To Get Into World of Warcraft's Hidden Zone

Around the northern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms lies a zone we can see on Azeroth's map, but compared to all the other zones, it's unmarked, not part of the game and accessible only through tricky ways.

This tiny area's purpose is unknown, but it has been speculated over the years that it was supposed to be the lush forest region of Quel'thalas, a vanilla zone that later made it into the game as the starting zone for the Blood Elves in The Burning Crusade expansion.

And since the original idea of Quel'thalas, or whatever the purpose of this zone was, got abandoned, an unfinished chunk of land remained there that players couldn't reach.

But obviously that won't stop everyone, and HeelvsBabyface's video proves that even without private servers or anything dodgy, anyone can go there after a series of tricky moves.

The way to reach this area is through Eastern Plaguelands' Stratholme dungeon, but I don't want to spoil the method. The video teases everything perfectly. And the zone's just like how one can imagine an unfinished WoW zone: It's full of invisible walls, placeholders and missing textures. But fishing works!


    I remember before Silithus was open, discovering a way to mountain-goat my tiger-riding-elf up into the undiscoverable zone...

    Nothing but endless, flat space and a single, repeated texture that made it look like a 90s my-first-map quake level.

    Neat enough for the novelty for a few seconds, but ultimately boring and unsurprising. Would've been more interesting if there had actually been STUFF there instead of traumatizing my character with something like that edge-of-the-world scene from The 13th Floor.

      heading up behind the gates of AQ before AQ was a thing, there was huge amounts of nothing except for 3 flying silithids who had their own text, I don't remember the entire conversation but I do remember one of them mentioning something about their southshore stout.

      You forgot the occasional square pits in the ground that dropped for infinity. I'm glad I never fell into one.

    I remember cliff jumping near the entrance at Winterspring, when you eventually made it to the top to could scale the cliffs to the west in their was strangely a troll encampment at the top of the cliff surprisingly it had a large lake and dancing trolls, perhaps blizzard wanted us to find it? cool nonetheless.

      Not sure if it's the same spot, but in the demon area of Winterspring you used to be able to jump up and sneak into Hyjal... amazing zone but what took the cake was Archimonde's corpse embedded in the world tree. I have a screenshot somewhere but can't find it atm.

        Hyjal was an amazing zone to get into at the time! A few American mates and I ventured into the massive zone very late in the morning once and started summoning people at the bottom of the lake underneath the World Tree.

        We were so worried we were going to be banned for even being there.

      Shatterspear Village. I used to go there all the time through vanilla. The village is accessible from Darkshore since Cataclysm.

    I went there pre-BC, but I don't remember that many hills though. I remember a huge flat area using the same brown texture.
    That little Night-Elf outcrop was there though. That was reached by just swimming along the coast. I remember shocking my guilies when they looked at my location and saw "Quel'Danas". :D

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