I Should Have Gotten Married Wearing These Goldeneye Cufflinks

Nothing Is Classier Than GoldenEye N64 Cartridge Cufflinks

When I got married I wore a kilt because I'm Scottish. I got married in Australia and I felt the pressure. "Australians are gonna want to see me wearing this kilt they've heard so much about". That was bullshit. I really should have gotten married wearing these goddamn Goldeneye cufflinks.

These are on Etsy. I'm thinking about buying them. Actually, if they made Ocarina of Time ones I would have given them all my money already.

Nothing Is Classier Than GoldenEye N64 Cartridge Cufflinks

[Etsy via OddityMall]


    Yes, Australians live in hope of seeing Scottish bell end..

    my sister bought me for her wedding a pair of original xbox controller cufflinks. i still have them and love em when i wear a suit (which isnt often)

    I had Duff Beer ones at mine...the wife was extremely happy (honestly!)

    Mine were boring by comparison. I wore The Flash cufflinks...

    I got married in Pacman cufflinks! They were a surprise present from my (then) imminent (and now) wife. I'm a lucky man.


    Hell, i still weak my saints row pre-order cufflinks every day for work.
    nothing but class

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