If Zelda Maker Existed, It Might Look A Bit Like This

Super Mario Maker is fun, really fun in fact, which has got plenty of people wondering if a 'Zelda Maker' would also be worthwhile.

If Zelda Maker did exist, maybe it would look a little bit like this project.

YouTube user Dream Mix uploaded this video, of a work in progress 'Zelda Maker'. Its just a series of experiments and if/when Nintendo decide to issue the old cease and desist request, Dream Mix is happy to change up the assets.

As interesting as this is, I'm not sure a Zelda Maker would have the same impact as Mario Maker. It's relatively easy to create a simple Mario level, but creating a complete Zelda world? It seems like a far grander task, definitely not as accessible as it needs to be for a product like 'Zelda Maker' to be worthwhile for a company like Nintendo. This might work better as something like RPG Maker — a first step for people who actually want to make their own video games.

Still, this is pretty cool.


    If a Zelda Maker existed, I predict a whole lot of hell dungeons, dungeons designed after all future Zelda dungeons, and Mario designed dungeons.

      Don't forget the dungeons that auto-complete themselves or the ones you can complete by just running forward.

    Mario is a hell of a lot more accessible than Zelda is, in that levels in the former seem more "pick up and play". While Zelda dungeons are fun and all, I'm happy to leave that to the professionals.

    I've mentioned this before, but Mario Kart Maker. Think of the insane battle mode levels that could be built.

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    A Zelda Maker that limited you to dungeons, where you first place rooms and then populate them with stuff to build puzzles could be cool.
    It's not nearly as accessible as Mario levels, so Nintendo will probably never do it, but it's nice to dream.
    (Then: Metroid Maker)

    Maybe you should take a look at rpgplayground.com. I've been making my own levels on that website and it's really promising.

    Man that would be so cool. Imagine the four different types of graphics it could include: The Legend of Zelda I, ALttP, The Minish Cap, and ALtTW.

    Hello! I appreciate you sharing my game! It is very encouraging to see some response and your reaction and constructive feedback. I am taking your suggestions into account and I realize that there is a lot to making a Zelda Maker accessable to everyone. I know what I need to do, but I need to find the best route to do it. If anyone is interested in the game further, there are other videos up on my channel and I will be posting more this week and in the weeks to come. Thank you!


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