James Bond Recreated In Grand Theft Auto Is Almost Too Perfect

One day we're gonna hit that singularity and all culture — visual, audio, interactive — will be funneled through either Grand Theft Auto or Minecraft and it will be the only way we create, consume or appreciate anything.

I'm okay with this.

Then someone will make Minecraft inside Grand Theft Auto. We'll hum around it squawking like the monkeys in Space Odyssey. And collectively be reborn. Inside a star. Made out of Minecraft blocks.

But until then please enjoy this super good remake of the James Bond SPECTRE trailer using Grand Theft Auto. It's almost perfect.

See! Here's a comparison. It's crazy!


    Jeebus. I was impressed with the trailer on its own, then I scrolled down for the side-by-side.

    GTA5 James Bond DLC needed stat.

    lol i'll give them credit, that is pretty dam awesome. Facial features could be tweaked a bit more though I think, is not quite 'craig' enough :P

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