Keytarist Does Amazing Things To Sonic's Green Hill Zone Music 

Keytarist Does Amazing Things To Sonic's Green Hill Zone Music

The flashing coloured lights. The energy. The majesty of the keytar. Rush Coil's Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill keytar performance is my new inspirational jam.

I'm not being facetious. I am not poking fun. I've watched this video a dozen times since former co-conspirator Owen Good posted the video on Polygon yesterday, and it keeps getting better every time I watch it.

I've wanted a keytar for forever. I play a little guitar and a little piano, though neither with anything near professional proficiency. I'm pretty sure it's because the guitar does not have keys and the piano doesn't let me strap it across my chest. Combine the two and I would attack that instrument with as much enthusiasm and joy as Rush Coil here.


    A someone who has never operated a keytar, can someone please tell me what he's doing with his left hand? There seems to be some sort of slide pad there, but I can't pick what he's actually doing with it.

      Repelling potential girlfirends.

      My guess it changes pitch/tone like foot pedals on a grand piano.

      Yeah it's a pitch shifter/modulator. Mostly used here for bending the notes similar to bending a string with a guitar.

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