Konami Fixed Metal Gear Solid V's Game-Breaking Bug

Late last week a game-breaking Metal Gear Solid V bug was discovered.

Konima has just announced via its official Metal Gear Solid V twitter account that the bug has been located and squashed.

The bug in question: if you played with Quiet as your buddy during missions 29 or 42 there was a chance that your save file would be corrupted. Now Konami is saying that the PS4 version has been fixed. The PC version is being fixed as we type and all other versions will be patched forthwith.

Good news all round, and a pretty fast response time by Konami.


    I wonder when I'll be able to upload ground zeroes data on Xbox one?

      I had this problem too. You need to uninstall and then reinstall Ground Zeroes - this problem is caused by it not updating. Check the version number on the title screen - you'll see a newer version after reinstall.

      Try uninstalling Ground Zeroes, and then reinstalling it.
      I had the same issue, and that fixed it for me.

    pretty quick though... if not for that Quiet

    "Konima has just announced..." whoa, mind... blown*

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