More Details On Melbourne's Big League Of Legends Event

Those keen to see a bit of live League action will get their chance come the 26th of November, as Riot flies out a mish-mash of pro players from various countries to engage in just-for-fun-but-kinda-competitive LoL at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.

These won't be your standard franchises competing as such. Think of it as each region offering up their version of the globetrotters, who won't just be playing a round of B-ball, but also dunking comps, and some sweaty one-on-one.

In Riot Land, that takes the form of these three game modes:

  1. Summoners Rift 5v5, played between each Wildcard All-Star team
  2. A 1v1 tournament played between all 35 starting players
  3. A Player Voted Game Mode between the three Asia-based regions (Japan, Oceania and Southeast Asia), the two European regions (CIS and Turkey), and the two Latin American regions (Brazil and LATAM).

In addition to that last game mode, there will be a vote to see who represents Australia. Voting opens on September 21st, and you can have your say as well as buy tickets here. For those who can't make it to Melbourne for the event, Riot is happy to take an equal amount of cash to let you watch from cinemas around the country.

After the Chiefs' dominant season and overseas trip to take on the world's wildcard entries in Istanbul, it'll be exciting to see if these players can get some international wins under their belt with the crowd behind them — and that's something even DOTA players can't deny. (I'm so sorry)

Over at PC PowerPlay, Nathan Lawrence has dug up the pool of players you can vote for:

For Oceania, these contenders include Samuel ‘Spookz’ Broadley, Brandon ‘Juves’ Defina, William ‘Zenk’ Hunter, Christopher ‘Mattress’ Manolis, Mitchell ‘Destiny’ Shaw, Christopher ‘ChrisMisTrees’ Trease, Calvin ‘k1ng’ Truong and Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel.

...which is different to the home page spiel of "What if ChuChuz played with Chelby" etc, but I think everyone will be too distracted by showbags and skins to care.

Tickets are going for about $25-30. Will you be heading to a Hoyts to watch Spookz beat up on jetlagged Brazilians?


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