LEGO Dimensions’ Voice Cast Is Just Nuts

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Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future, Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain from Portal, Gary Oldman as the game’s big bad and two different Chris Pratt performances — LEGO Dimensions‘ definitely got talent.

Not only is the game, which hits stores in a little under two weeks, a massive gathering of entertainment properties, it’s also a massive gathering of entertainment personalities.

From The LEGO Movie we’ve got Alison Brie (Unikitty), Charlie Day (Benny), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle) and Chris Pratt (Emmet), with Pratt also reprising his role from Jurassic World along with Irrfan Khan (Simon Masrani). Troy Baker is handling Batman duty instead of the film’s Will Arnett, while Tara Strong handles Harley Quinn.

We’ve got Peter Capadi as the 12th Doctor, Jenna Coleman as his companion, Clara, and Michelle Gomez as Missy, short for Mistress. The rest of the Doctors — they’re all in here — will feature voice clips from archival footage.

And how about Michael J. Fox back in the blocky shoes of Marty McFly, side by side (well, soundbooth by soundbooth) with Christopher Lloyd? Members of the original cast of Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings (not Ian McKellen, sadly), Scooby Doo (including Frank “Megatron” Welker as Scooby and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy).

All that and two of gaming’s funniest characters, GLaDOS and Wheatley, aka Ellen McLain and Stephen Merchant.

Rounding out the cast are a pair of original characters, the villainous Lord Vortech and helper robot X-PO, brought to life by Gary Oldman and Joel McHale respectively.

At this point even if I hated LEGO — if LEGO had killed my father, and I had I liked my father — I would pick up the game just to hear all of these people talk.

Then I’d kick myself for not just watching other people play through it on YouTube for free.


  • Could someone please explain how the game works.
    So this isn’t like the previous lego PC games etc?
    I’m a bit confused because I’d like to play the video game itself.

  • I’m seriously trying to avoid LEGO Dimensions. Already to get the few things I’d want for this game I would be spending a good $300. That’s already crazy and it would only become further ridiculous as more stuff came out.
    As amazing as it looks I have to stay away. But stuff like this really tests my resolve…

  • I saw this and was like OMG THIS LOOKS AWESOME! Then i went to the EB store to check out these so called “over priced sets”. 160.00 starter pack, 50.00 level packs and 25.00 character packs?!?!? :O :O :O :O :O

    Maybe if each level pack came with all the characters etc.. But far out! This is extremely expensive and this is coming from someone who doesn’t mind wasting money on useless crap.

    I’ll wait for reviews. I have most of the Lego Games on my steam backlog but I’ve never been able to get into them for some reason. But the idea of the toy collecting + the games/voices that are in it excites my nipples way too much!

  • Nolan North is in this game? Wait why am I even surprised… He’s technically in every games. Not really but most AAA Games.

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