Magic CCG ‘Clone’ Hex: Shards Of Fate Given The Legal All-Clear

Magic CCG ‘Clone’ Hex: Shards Of Fate Given The Legal All-Clear

Usually when Wizards of the Coast aims its legal cannons at something, said something is utterly annihilated. Not so in the case of WotC vs Cryptozoic, the developer of a digital collectible card game called Hex: Shards of Fate, which shared an uncomfortable number of similarities with WotC’s own Magic CCG. After more than a year’s worth of litigation, the two parties have finally come to an understanding.

In a press release available on both the Hex and Wizards websites, the companies have apparently reached a “resolution” that “both protects the valuable intellectual property of Magic: The Gathering and allows Cryptozoic and Hex to move forward with Hex: Shards of Fate“.

There aren’t any specific details of what this arrangement entails; it’s sufficient to say that Cryptozoic won’t have to close up shop, which is almost always the end result when you go up against the Hasbro behemoth.

It could just be a few adjustments to the artwork and game mechanics, though going by the wording of the release, it’s more likely the developer will be paying a stipend to Wizards to keep the lawyers chained to their desks.

Press release — Settlement [Hex: Shards of Fate]


  • C’mon, it’s just there, in the settlement press release. The exact terms are not disclosed but the word “license” is mentioned twice. Put it simply, Hex is now paying royalties to WotC (and/or Hasbro) which is the reason why they didn’t crush it: it’s more profitable to let it live and get a free slice of cake.

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