Magic CCG ‘Clone’ Hex: Shards Of Fate Given The Legal All-Clear

Usually when Wizards of the Coast aims its legal cannons at something, said something is utterly annihilated. Not so in the case of WotC vs Cryptozoic, the developer of a digital collectible card game called Hex: Shards of Fate, which shared an uncomfortable number of similarities with WotC’s own Magic CCG. After more than a year’s worth of litigation, the two parties have finally come to an understanding.

In a press release available on both the Hex and Wizards websites, the companies have apparently reached a “resolution” that “both protects the valuable intellectual property of Magic: The Gathering and allows Cryptozoic and Hex to move forward with Hex: Shards of Fate“.

There aren’t any specific details of what this arrangement entails; it’s sufficient to say that Cryptozoic won’t have to close up shop, which is almost always the end result when you go up against the Hasbro behemoth.

It could just be a few adjustments to the artwork and game mechanics, though going by the wording of the release, it’s more likely the developer will be paying a stipend to Wizards to keep the lawyers chained to their desks.

Press release — Settlement [Hex: Shards of Fate]

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