Make A Doctor Who Game With This BBC Tool

Who needs Mario Maker? The BBC just released a tool that makes it easy to make Doctor Who themed games, and had the limitless gall to name it Doctor Who Game Maker. It's intended to get younger folks into coding and making games, but anyone can start using it now.

The whole thing works in the browser, and you're initially confronted with a choice between an arcade mode to play through other peoples' creations, or making and sharing your own content.

There are a whole bunch of tutorials, starting with basic stuff like building small levels and getting steadily further into win/lose conditions, logic, and physics. Some of them are basic text pop-ups, and some of them are videos.

You can even start doing the tutorials without signing in, though you'll need to do that if you want to save or share your creations.

All the assets available are Doctor Who themed, but there's nothing saying the mechanics have to be. It can pretty much be whatever you want, and more importantly it gets kids thinking the right way — a great primer for something more complicated like Game Maker.

You can check out the tool here.


    I think it's great that countries around the world are looking at ways to introduce coding into schools and young kids.
    I think it sucks that we are not one of those countries.

      It's not super common from what I know, but my local library has run some coding for kids sessions freely, and I work for a large corporation who are actively going to schools to run sessions with kids to get them into coding (hopefully) as part of a STEM initiative, and also with employees kids as well... it's starting to take off but yeah I would think it would be more commonplace.. pretty much all schools have the tools they need to teach it having the knowledge to actually teach it is another matter..

        It's great to know that there are steps being taken. Of course it will be way too slowly. Besides, if we set up an actual curriculum for it, it would probably be obsolete straight away.
        Keep it up. I think any step we take is a positive one, and hopefully it takes off in a significant way.

    This is a great idea to get kids thinking about coding and creation :) I wish there were things like this when i was a bit younger (well things that were more accessible anyway)

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