Mario Maker 'My Wife' Level Tells A Short, Sad Story

Mario Maker 'My Wife' Level Tells A Short, Sad Story

Uh...dang, dude. This is some heavy stuff.

Floating around Mario Maker is a quick level made by "P Morty" titled "My Wife." You can watch a 'playthrough' of it below:

Spelled out in coins are four simple words. "My wife left me." Could be a prank — Wii U owners have traditionally used Miiverse to say all sorts of depressing things that may or may not be real — but if this is legit, hopefully the act of creation helps can help this man out a bit, at least!

I'm particularly taken by the responses to this level, which you can see at the end of the video. Mario Maker players are so supportive, it warms the heart. <3


    From the headline, I thought it would be Borat related....
    That would have also been quite sad, but in a different sense....

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    Oh. I thought it was actually going to be something kind of clever and touching, telling a story through the layout and playthrough of the level itself. Not just literally spelling out a short message.


      Agreed, I expected a bit more... and much like the poor souls that play that level, I leave dissapointed

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      I feel like the video advert was longer than the video...

      Yeah, describing it as a story was probably a bad move. It's like calling a hand written Miiverse comment a picture. It's technically accurate but it's not what you'd expect.
      If I were going to make a depressing Mario Marker statement in coins I think I would make a level to go around it. Like a fun, fast level that just flatlines in the middle with 'I'll probably die alone' written in coins. Then when you pass the message it goes right back into being this really fun up beat level.

        Like this one:

    *Yawn* was actually expecting something interesting.

    Did she leave because he was poopie at making levels?

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