Mario Maker's Secret Deaths Are Hilarious, Fun And Creepy

Sometimes when Mario dies it sounds like the best party you were never invited to. Other times it's as creepy as hell.

I'd heard some rumours that Super Mario Maker had some pretty cool 'death' easter eggs, but so far I've been unable to find them. A couple of friends said they heard Mario jumping around in the abyss, giving it 'woohoo' before a creepy voice whispered 'Super Mario Maker'.

Sounded a bit out there for Nintendo.

But it exists. It happens. And this handy little video has collated all eight of Mario Maker's 'secret death' sound. They are creepy, cute and hilarious in equal measure.

Who knew that video game death could be so compelling. And strange.


    Almost clicked then remembered the super annoying voice.

    I've had the fall down but not die a few times, had to run around for a bit to have him die.

    So that's what that was, I had this happen to me the other day, Mario fell off-screen and there were a bunch of noises and then a car drove off and Mario finally died, I was so confused.

    You know, a ton of the sound effects sound a lot like ones from Super Mario 64. Also noticed some from Mario Kart 64 and I think a Yoshi game...

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