Mario Tunes And Terrible Disney CGI Make A Horrifying Music Video

You weren't planning on sleeping tonight, were you?

The video titled "MOUSE FAN CLUB" seen above is not a new one. It's been lurking around the internet for over a year. I've known about it for months and somehow I manage to get it out of my head from time to time. Then I hear Super Mario Bros. 2 or see Mickey Mouse dancing and the nightmares start once more. So, instead of huddling in the fetal position and crying like I normally do, I'm going to share it with you.

It's just so dang catchy! It's like a Disney and Nintendo trainwreck, and I just can't look away.


    .....So this what happens when one puts RedBull into coffee.....

    This video is me and my friends Rick Roll, constantly sending it to each other to piss them off.

    The actual character animation and direction is actually quite deceptively competent.

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