Meet The Fastest Gamers Alive

Some people play video games to relax or have fun. Others try to go as fast as humanly possible, spending hours and hours finding tricks and battling against the clock of their favourite games.

In this, our third episode of Kotaku Compete — which you can watch above — we dig into the speedrunning community and take a trip to Summer Games Done Quick, a bi-annual marathon where people blaze through games for charity.

You can watch episode one of Kotaku Compete here and episode two right here.

Kotaku Compete is an original series created and produced by Kotaku and Gawker Media’s video team. Production funding was provided by Honey Nut Cheerios.


  • A small correction: Summer Games Done Quick is actually an annual event. Games Done Quick would be the better term for the biannual event with Awesome Games Done Quick being the marathon occurring in the other half of the year.

  • The only part of speed runs I don’t like are when people use glitches to skip large parts of the game.

    I feel let down when I’m eager to see someone tackle a difficult level or a boss in the shortest time possible, only to find out they skipped it entirely, those cheating bastards…

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