Metal Gear Solid V Is At Its Best When Everything Goes To Shit

I'm a veteran so my early experience of Metal Gear Solid V has mostly involved me being a complete artiste, sneaking around like a ghost, interrogating people, never getting spotted, being amazing.

Then I played mission 8 and everything went to complete shit.

Some context. This mission involves tanks and this is the second half of the mission. The first half was all about me finding the location of these tanks, where they would be deployed. The second half was about destroying them. I completely ignored the (great in hindsight) advice to bring a rocket launcher to this tank fight, so I basically put myself in a difficult position.

I had to outsmart around ten armed guards and two tanks by myself.

At first I tried stealth. I tried to sneak up on the tanks but it felt impossible. For the first time in the game so far I was really struggling with a mission.

So I was like, bugger it. I can ignore stealth for one mission. I'll snipe all the soldiers and take out the tanks once I've cleared out the human element.

That was another disaster. I was constantly getting spotted, constantly getting taken out by the tanks. Goddamn this mission is hard.

I decided to go stealth again.

I noticed the cave section at the back of the area. This features in another, earlier mission. I knew if I could get to that cave section I might be able to sneak behind the tanks and avoid the gaze of the soldiers.

Of course, it all went to shit. And that's where the video comes in.



    I guess I've been playing it wrong. I stealth all missions, putting every soldier to sleep by sniping them from across the map, right into the small gag in their helmets, then fulton everything in the area.

    I just unlocked the blackhole fulton upgrade, gonna be a lot faster.

      Got the wormhole yesterday as well and boy does it make things easy. few levels from my tranq auto snipe then I can start harvesting soldiers en masse.

    I'm more selective, I analyse the soldiers first to make sure they're worthy of me using a fulton balloon..

      I do the same thing. If they suck at everything, I have no hesitation in killing them if need be

        ice cold...but yes I do the same. This is war son!!

    Ah mission 8. Don't do it in the village! Go up the road towards where you get dropped off, park D-Horse in the middle of the road. Plant all your C4 about 20m back from your horse block, call for a resupply, plant the second set of C4 about 60-80m back from that. Boom 2 tanks dead, and commander wondering where the heck his escort went.

    I love to repeat this mission just to steal the tanks and sell them on. It's a nice income source.

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      I am on this mission and spent 2 unsuccessful hours with it last night. I've been trying to use C4 traps like this but every time I detonate it when the first tank rolls over it physically launches into the air and then rolls into the cliffside. At this point the truck just drives past without stopping and I try to snipe out the tires but it rarely works before everyone knows where I am.

      I think I need to be more strategic with my C4 traps. It also doesn't help that when you remote detonate C4 the tanks know exactly where you are, or if you fire a single shot from a suppressed rifle they know your exact location.

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        D-horse is a great roadblock. You can use him purely in that role for any moving target missions.

        My strat first time through. C4 pile the first tank, rocket launcher for the truck (one hit kills it), then cover and shoot the remaining tank.

        After that, its balloon decoy and then D-horse a little further behind them combined road block and just fulton everything!

          apparently the "do it (defecate)" command can be used on the road to make vehicles spin out when they pass over it though I haven't tried this myself

        Here is a video of what the chap above is describing.

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    Can anyone tell me if I should go PS4 or PC for this?
    Running a Titan X on an X99, but don't use it for gaming much. If the PS4 version looks nearly as good, I'll probably pick it up as it is in the games room, but if the PC version is considerably better...

      The fact that PS4 runs at 60fps is super good. That is my contribution. Hahaha

        Really? A game that actually does 60FPS on console? Holy merciful crap!

      Depends if you want to sit on the couch or hunch over a monitor I guess!

        Have never had to 'hunch over a monitor' in all my PC gaming years...

        If you are, you're doing it wrong.

        ...or play on the train to and from work and cop two plus hours of gaming before coming home to a wife and kids that want to have the tv for tv watching.

      I have a ps4, but bought it for my pc. I run a 980Ti at 4k(your titan would do way better). So its equally sweet. Whats more you can put your own music in the game, like GTAV and play it via your PDA. So that is a bonus. But yeh... if you want to couch it, then definitely go ps4.

      Also the game on PC is highly optimized. I am pushing 60fps easily.

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      Id say use that bad boy of a system you splashed the cash on.

      I've also got the TitanX on a x99 platform, I have one of the asus 144hz 1440 screens (wasn't sure about a 4k screen just yet) and OH MY GOD it is gorgeous and runs like a treat.

      do yourself a favour and get it on PC. Also you get GZ for free when you buy PP (I think that offer is still going) that way you can get all the bonus and backstory from GZ

      My 2 cent for what its worth. whatever you do enjoy the game mate it is stellar.

      EDIT: also I run mine using Xbox controller so I can sit back and relax (but I have played with the K and M controls and funnily enough they actually feel a bit better than controller...I don't know how but they do)

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      Got it on PC. Running it on Max everything with a 290x so a titan should smash it.

    Did you find out later that you can use supply drops to give yourself new weapons if you get caught out like this? Or was it that you hadn't developed any rocket launchers?

    Either way, the outpost just east of the intel point has an artillery truck stashed away, tore the tanks to shreds with that.

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    Lol, i've had that happen a couple of times where i placed C4 instead of detonating it...

    Great mission.

    I wanted to tranq the commander and blow up the tanks so I successfully tranqed and fultoned him and moved onto the tanks. Luckily a friendly sandstorm came rolling in and I snuck up to the first tank, planting to C4 charges on it, then did the same to the second tank (I could only carry 4 c4 bombs).

    They didn't even scratch the bloody things. I got shot up. It didn't end well.

    I ended up backing out and doing other stuff for a while because i had spent all my GMP on making new stuff (dumb) and couldn't afford a bloody RPG.

    Came back to the mission a bit later an obliterated everyone and everything. Will go back and do it sneak-mode on my second play through I reckon.

      3 C4's will bring them down, so you were really close to a well executed attack. Could have possibly risked doing a supply drop right on top of you to resupply. Then you would have walked away victorious! :D

    I found out their route and placed the C4 in a strategic bunch guesstimating the distance between the vehicles. When the tanks were in place perfectly on the two stacks of C4... KABOOOOM!

    I went in heavy and used the mortars and gattling guns (as well as a few lobbed grenades!). The commander fled into the caves. I gave chase and slaughtered him mercilessly! MWAAHAAHAA!!!!

    has mostly involved me being a complete artiste, sneaking around like a ghost, interrogating people, never getting spotted, being amazing.

    I wish I could do this. I've been playing these games for long enough, but I still manage to always miss one guy who spots me and ruins my whole sneaky. Then I freak out and just shoot everyone. Really loudly.

      D-Dog helps a lot with that. Maybe it makes it a little too easy though.

    I somehow scared/knockout out one of the vehicle and it ran oven the commander. I finished the mission without knowing WTF is going on.

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    Five days later and I realised why I don't remember this mission. I took the targets out while they were on the road.

    Although I did take a rocket launcher (like the mission suggested), for some reason I thought I would be totally invisible if I perched myself on a rooftop and fired rockets from above.

    Obviously this didn't work, and things went pear-shaped. I managed to take out the tanks, but I was getting pelted with mortars, and the truck with the commander in it started driving away. I called D-Horse to give chase, but he was gunned down and I continued on foot. There was no way I was going to catch up on foot, but for some reason D-Horse respawned, and eventually I caught up and finished off the last vehicle.

    Good times. :)

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