More Dark Souls 3 Mysteries Unravelled

VaatiVidya is one of the world's foremost Souls experts, so when he talks about Dark Souls 3? I'd recommend you listen. This guy knows his stuff.

In this video Vaati takes the time to talk about some of the real nitty gritty about Dark Souls 3. This one's for the folks that thought Bloodborne was too stripped back.

I am not one of those people. I absolutely loved Bloodborne for what it was, but I am looking forward to Dark Souls 3 and a return to builds and weapons that really allow for different play styles. I will, as always, be the guy hiding behind a massive shield for 50+ hours.

I'm very interested to see how the 'weapon arts' mechanic plays out in the game. It's sort of a modifier that allows for more powerful, deft attacks unique to each weapon. Sort of like a 'special moves' button that consumes from a mana bar. I'm guessing that management of that will play a large part in the game, particularly when it comes to boss battles. That excites me.

Dark Souls 3 looks far more fluid and fast paced. This is obviously a by-product of Bloodborne's development. I was kinda hoping that Dark Souls would remain a little more slow-paced but I'm open minded about these things.

In From Software we trust.


    Damn i got excited thinking there was a new vid not something from last week

    Jeez, slow down FROM, finished DS2 vanilla but still have to finish SotFS, rage quit at Smelty again, anyone got any hints about how I can actually dent him?

    Until then I'm making dents in tanks instead.

      Hey man, try exploiting his weakness (magic weapons, I believe). Also, he's an optional boss. If you don't like him just head up the ladder in the little building to the left of the fog gate (when facing it). The next boss is way easier anyway.

    DS2 combat felt really plodding a lot of the time and some of the later areas weren't fun difficult, just boring difficult. That said, the post game content was much better then in DS.
    Bloodborne was a breath of fresh air. So quick, so fun and fluid... so little time wasted using calculators and screwing around in menus dealing with 11 million kinds of upgrade materials.

    If they manage to bring the postgame content of 2, the fluidity and streamlining of Bloodborne, and then add it to the amazing setting and pacing of DS? GOTY forever.

    The new mana mechanic is just a bonus.

    Will it be as frustratingly difficult and unfair as the first one?

      It had better be


    I tried Dark Souls 1 right after finishing Bloodborne but combat seemed too slow and I stopped playing after the Gargoyles to play more Bloodborne. I'm pretty excited that they are speeding up DS3. Recently tried Demon's Souls and was enjoying it so hopefully I can go back and finish it. I think the time away from Bloodborne made the pace more palatable.

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