New Xbox One Controller Is Pretty Hot

New Xbox One Controller Is Pretty Hot

Alongside a new bundle announcement, Microsoft showed off this new Xbox One controller today. It's official name is the "Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller". I like it a lot.

The gold d-pad and central buttons are flashy enough to flash but restrained enough not to overwhelm the entire design, while the switch to black buttons (with the colour icons replicated in between them) is a nice touch.

It's out in "late September", as a GameStop exclusive, and will retail for $US65.


    Ugh. That gold D-pad is so tacky.

      Came here to type exactly this, even the ugh!

        Quite frankly, I'm astonished that anyone would want to write anything else.

        simple, don't buy it?

        I'm sure it will be worth $200+ on eBay once it stops selling anyways, see Titanfall controller or similar xbox360 gamepad..

      Yeah. It's a shame, because the rest of it looks ok.

      But with that thing on there, it looks like something a Kardashian would use.

      Agreed. It's the equivalent of one gold tooth amidst a row of perfect teeth.

      I think with a simple black D-Pad and remove the gold from the buttons it would be very nice.

        uhh...that'd be the sunset overdrive remote without coloured buttons?

    Where can I find my nearest GameStop?

      I realise it was a sarcastic comment, but GameStop owns EB Games.

        I know, I was just being a dick. I assume these will have the new design with integrated plugs for headsets?

          You'd hope so. I went to look for info on it but couldn't find any. But I did find a pretty cool looking Halo 5 Guardians controller coming out in October.

    I like it, but that will get dirty faster then a taiwanese hooker!

      I bought my missus the sunset overdrive spec ed console which came with the white controller. Almost a year later and it still looks new.

        I get pretty sweaty hands, so mine gunk up really quickly :( I had one with the 360, and it just showed that dirt really badly.

        I would love to get it though, but just not a good idea in my case lol

    Dude, it's clearly white and blue!

    Looks like a controller for the stereotypical pimp, gold tooth and all.

      There's a small part of me that would probably pay for a Riff Raff designed controller....

    Why do they need to have colour dots? Don't people know what colour the buttons are?

    Last edited 01/09/15 3:21 pm

    Yeah, screw the bundle, this is the bomb.

    Confused by the hate... it's got gold like an Astronaut's helmet? "Lunar"? Granted I'd probably prefer black myself.

    i think it looks classy. even with the gold because its such a minimal part of the controller as a whole. Need a release date on this first.

    Looks a bit in the chubby side.

      You sound like a PS person...I say this with a non offensive tone btw

    I don't understand how people go gaga over something like this. It's a new colour scheme and some tacky gold parts.

    I need this in the elite controller. Then I need someone to marry us.

    I dunno, I kinda like it. It's got that White Power Ranger / Seth Rollins at Summerslam '15 vibe.

    My launch controllers work fine though so I'll probably hold off .....but pop a little SR/Seth Rollins logo on there......hmm.

    Wait, we can't use it yet! We need to buy batteries first!
    Microsoft = LOL

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