New Battlefield 4 Map Hides A Creepy Secret

New Battlefield 4 Map Hides A Creepy Secret

Battlefield 4’s new Zavod: Graveyard Shift map can get kind of spooky when you turn off the lights.

In the video above, jackfrags tells us how to encounter a cool little easter egg within the latest Battlefield 4 content. Turns out, if you destroy this light…

New Battlefield 4 Map Hides A Creepy Secret

Battlefield 4 will start playing some kind of demonic voice. It’s creepy! What the heck, is it saying, though?

Well…Jackfrags found that it’s actually a really altered version of the text you can find in the back of the box on Battlefield 2, funnily enough. I’m just going to pretend that instead of asking you to go war, it’s Satan summoning you into the depths of hell. Makes more sense that way.

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