Games With Gold Bringing Valiant Hearts to Xbox

Next month's Games With Gold lineup has been announced. Valiant Hearts: The Great War and The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season are coming to Xbox One, while Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Walking Dead are for Xbox 360. Sony hasn't announced what's coming to PS Plus just yet.


    Both the X1 games have great stories well worth playing for anyone who hasn't.

    Everytime I see this on PSN I always go into it mistaking it for Vandal Hearts and then get a little sad :[

    I feel like the Valiant Hearts hype passed me by so I wouldn't mind giving it a go. Already finished Walking Dead multiple times on PC but I could play it again, plus gotta pad that achievement score somehow.

      Post-hype is the best time to play Valiant Hearts. It is a good game, but I went in with really high expectations that, at least for me, it didn't quite live up to. Definitely worth a play, though.

    Might give Walking Dead another go just for the heck of it.

    i'd been on the fence about twd and any tell tale game for that matter and this is the push i need

    This was free on PSN a couple months back

    All i can say is... please....Please play this game

    Especially if you like crying (One of my lesser known favourite pastimes)

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