Nintendo's New President Has Been Named

Nintendo's New President Has Been Named

It's not Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. It's not Wii mastermind Genyo Takeda. It's the company's former Managing Director and current Nintendo Human Resources head Tatsumi Kimishima.

Nintendo's previous president, Satoru Iwata, passed away earlier this year.

Kimishima was Nintendo of America's president from 2002 to 2006 and succeeded by Reggie Fils-Aime. Prior to that, he worked at Sanwa Bank in Japan for nearly three decades. He was also the Chief Financial Officer of the Pokemon Company and later, the president of the company's US arm.

Starting September 16, Kimishima's role as Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s representative director is effective.

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    Good luck mate, it's a hell of a legacy to live upto. :(

      On paper he looks like a "good" president... such as experience on the Pokemon Company and leading NInty NA..

      The problem is most of his time and qualifications are screaming "bean counter" to me... and that's not a very good thing if were talking about the newly revamped Nintendo under Iwata's tenture.

      I'm so hoping this is just the cynic in me and I hope to be proven wrong because whilst a lot of people bag out Ninty for recycling and whatnot at the end of the day all of their IP's are still fun as heck to play and always willing to try something different w/ their IP's. And "bean counters" tend to be THE anti-thesis of these approaches =/

    I'm hoping that's just a bad photo and his serious, dismissive expression isn't a sign of things to come

      All the charisma of a firing squad commandant.

        But firing squad commandants are charismatic!

      Did a google image search of the guy, got to page 2 before a photo of him smiling appeared...

    Does Miyamoto even want the job? Because I feel he's happier and that it's better for the company with him leading a development team.

    As for Takeda, wouldn't your hardware guy be better doing his hardware job?

    As above, I wish the guy luck but think both the suggested alternatives are terrible.

      This exactly - they're better off with those guys in the roles that they're best at.

      Will veiny wresting to see what his tenure brings

      The only effective alternative is the one guy they are too scared to approach. King Jack Tretton. Nintendo needs a mover and shaker. Dust out those cobwebs and fly free Nintendo!

      I don't think they're being suggested as alternatives, so much as referring to their time as basically co-directors of the company (I think? Forget the exact wording, something like that) since Iwata's passing. People were speculating whether one of them would become president once things got sorted out, so it's just putting a lid on that.

    He looks very serious... I doubt he'll be bringing anything "directly" to us.

      Put him in a North Korean army uniform and you'd have an excellent Bond villain.

    Mr. Sheen is a stand up dude, I'm sure Nintendos in good hands.

    Good luck to him :) all the best and hopefully you can keep Mr. Iwata's legacy alive.

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