No, Konami’s Tokyo Office Isn’t On Fire

No, Konami’s Tokyo Office Isn’t On Fire

Earlier today, a photo began circulating online in Japan. “Fourteen minutes ago,” the commenter wrote. “Konami’s headquarters is totally burning.” But no, it isn’t.

The thread on 2ch, Japan’s biggest net forum, states that the building was ablaze, and the was uploaded as proof.

The image is also making its way through Twitter. It’s not a Photoshop. It’s real.

No, Konami’s Tokyo Office Isn’t On Fire

Surely, this seems familiar? Back in 2012, photos circulated online in Japan of what looked like smoke coming out of the same Konami’s office. At that time, Konami toldKotaku that this wasn’t smoke and that the company was not on fire. Rather, what photos showed was building steam.

Kotaku just phoned Konami’s Tokyo headquarters and a spokesperson confirmed that, once again, there was no fire and that, as with the previous incident, the most recent image shows steam, not smoke.

Top photo: _nk24_ (For more Tokyo photos, check _nk24_’s Instagram)


  • Too late, my head canon has already created the elaborate story that Konami is setting their own buildings on fire to motivate its employees to work faster in order to get a chance to put it out.

    • I thought they were just burning any last semblance of their “AAA” game departments (including employees who didn’t get out in time) to make way for their pachinko/slot departments….

      oh and…

      ….HIT THE LEVER!!!

  • Some form of employee torture to improve productivity, like what is happening at Nintendo after their E3 proverbial no-show.

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