Noct Could Be The Next Big Survival Shooter

Take DayZ. Take its claustrophobic paranoia. Take those moments when you are unsure whether someone is friend or foe. Place that into a top down universe. Add a unique, oppressive black and white aesthetic.

You now have Noct. A multiplayer horror game that blends survival mechanics with top down shooting.

It's a unique high concept: in Noct your entire experience is viewed through a thermal image satellite system above the earth. The world has been decimated. It is a wasteland. You must avoid other actual human being whilst fighting off the Nocturnal, a completely different type of threat.

I'm pretty excited about this. I love the idea and I love the execution. It releases on Steam October 22.


    Not gonna lie, this looks quite bland and not very interesting at all.

    "Unique" black & white aesthetic? I take it you missed that several games this year have been black & white?

    I see this game being picked up by youtubers and screaming like girls over it.
    Then the fans will eat it up and give it reviews like "Got eaten by bug monster and pooped pants, 10/10". Or "This game made me scream like i was being murdered so then cops came and arrested me for possession of dank memes, 10/10".
    Then after 3 months the hype will die and the game will be forgotten like so man others.

    The concept is pretty cool. But I feel like everyone will just go lone wolf just because people like being jerks online. I mean, I play online games where it's impossible to kill your team mates and they still go to the worlds end to betray me.

    "Take those moments when you are unsure whether someone is friend or foe."

    Everyone is a foe in DayZ, even the friends. Unless they're with you on Skype they're a dirty thief or a backstabbing murderer.

    This game looks cool though, but I feel like the only real solution to player killing in a game like DayZ is to make it harder to kill people and easier to avoid being killed by people. In my opinion, downgrading the level of technology available to the player is the best solution to that. Medieval technology would be a cool way to solve that problem.

    That would probably take away from the sheer heart-pounding terror and panic during intense PvP moments in DayZ but it would also get rid of those moments where you're wandering along and then suddenly your screen blacks out and you're informed that you've just died.

    Glad to see Devolver Digital on this though, I'm starting to fancy that company. Also glad that it's not more zombies.

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