Ocarina Of Time's Kakariko Village Is Breathtaking In Unreal Engine 4

Ocarina Of Time's Kakariko Village Is Breathtaking In Unreal Engine 4

This is pretty much what The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village looked like in my head the first time I played

Unreal Engine 4 being freely available has done wonderful things for older video game scenery. We've seen gorgeous builds from World of Warcraft, Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil and Super Mario Bros., not to mention a couple of Ocarina of Time's other iconic locales — the Temple of Time and Zora Cave.

YouTube's Ioannis Papazis is known for his traditional and digital artwork. After a lengthy absence he returns having mastered a different sort of digital art (via Nintendo Insider — thanks Josh!)

Eventually we'll have the entire game rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Then we'll hand it over to the amateur programmers. Nobody tell Nintendo.


    Wow that camera wobble is annoying.

      Really? I find it more realistic than a still camera... Well not realistic but it adds realism to the game.

        To me it doesn't make sense. I like head bob in first-person games, that makes them feel more immersive, but in a third person game? Nah. All I could think while it was happening was how disorienting it felt, and I'm not a guy who usually gets motion sickness or anything like that, especially from games.

    It's very sad that Epic Games didn't want to support Nintendo because Wii U could have been good enough to pump out games that looked as good as this :(

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    Amazes me how well my brain managed to populate that with NPC's and chickens considering I've not been there in fifteen years. Testament to the job he did I guess!

    It was an AIE student who did it apparently, Ioannis Papazis.
    Ref: https://www.facebook.com/AIEedu

    I always loved Kakariko Village...second to Zora Domain :P

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