Off Topic: Favourite Movie Scene Of All Time

I had the glorious opportunity to share my favourite movie of all time (Raiders of the Lost Ark) with a friend over the weekend and I was astonished by just how many incredible, truly classic scenes were in that movie.

It got me thinking: what are your favourite movies of all time and, more specifically, what are your scenes from that movie?

I have a few favourites.

— The ending of The Thing. — The moment in Alien when John Hurt's stomach explodes. — The whole opening section of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

That's just a few of my own favourites — what are yours?


    The truck chasing the bike in Terminator 2. Or maybe the car chase in The Blues Brothers.

    Chases are cool.

      Blues Brothers? Which one? It's basically car chases with musical interludes! (And is AMAZING).

        I assume he means the final car chase from the concert to downtown Chicago when their cruiser finally falls apart, but I personally prefer the first one through the shopping arcade. Sets the tone really well.

      If we're talking Blues Brothers, it's hard to go past this part:

      Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses.
      Jake: Hit it.

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      Every car chase in ronin. The whole of the heat.

    The hammer fight in Old Boy.

      The third scene mentioned in the entire thread... I am not disappointed. :)

    I just watched Mad Max and was blown away by the two big action scenes.

    The Rock on Fast and Furious 7. Gets out of hospital bed, flexes his muscles and his arm cast breaks off. To daughter "Daddy has to go to work."

    The Matrix had a couple of good ones.

      Oh man, even better was his line after he takes out the drone and Letty says "did you bring the cavalry?"

      And his reply:

      "Woman, I am the cavalry"

      Yeh! The super tornado sandstorm scene in Fury Road was the best thing I've seen this year. That reminds me I still have yet to play some Mad Max.

      Every scene in Mad Max Fury Road was fantastic!
      My favourite is when they start chasing Furiosa and they end on the Doof Warrior.

        The Doof mobile. Best vehicle hands down.

    When the whale jumps over the boy to his freedom in Free Willy.

    Chuck Norris is stuck under a mound of dirt in a 4WD and tries to drive out but can't so he skulls a can of lager smashes it with his fist and somehow the car has more power and he gets out of that pile of dirt. The power of beer.

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    Death Star trench run in Star Wars.
    Battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back.
    Bank robbery / shootout in Heat.
    The opening farmhouse scene in Inglorious Basterds
    Oh, and I'll add another one from The Thing since Mark's mention of the ending just brought it up in my memory - the defibrillator scene :) The blood test scene was also great.

    Just thought of a couple more, more for their use of music and the context in which they sit in their respective films than anything else... "Tiny Dancer" in Almost Famous and the final scene of Rushmore.

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      The roll into the trench still sends shivers up my spine. Still works, every time.

      YES. Almost Famous is full of magical scenes, but i only get shivers during that one.
      Come to think of it... I'm going to watch that tonight. Thanks!

        Yep, right up there with my absolute favourite movies. Especially the extended cut. I'll always have a soft spot for Kate Hudson because of that movie, despite the fact that pretty much every other thing she's been in has been garbage.

          Absolutely. Didn't she get a supporting actress statue for it..? Well deserved.
          Every now and then I'll watch a movie and when the credits start to roll, I exhale slowly and watch every second of it so I can acknowledge each and every person who made that perfection possible - from the director, to the leads, to the truck drivers, to the caterers.
          Almost Famous and In Bruges are the only ones which spring to mind.

            I include The Big Lebowski in that category, too.

              The Coen brothers cheat at filmmaking, somehow. They're so good at it something MUST be amiss.

    Also the recently mentioned self-sacrifice scene in Wreck-it Ralph, where he's reciting the Bad Guy affirmation while taking the plunge. Welling every time.

    Back to the Future II

    When Doc wakes up to the TV show Howdy Doody Time

    Oh man, so many to choose from.

    - The truck chase scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark (stunt work!)
    - The donkey scene in Clerks II
    - That part in Children of Men when they take the baby through the warzone.
    - Pick a scene (any scene) in Fury Road
    - First Death Star battle in Star Wars (that music!)
    - The lobby gunfight in The Matrix, for sheer spectacle

    And I'm lucky enough to have seen all these on the big screen! \o/

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    - The Monster Truck scene in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.
    - Drag Me to Hell when the old curse woman vomits on the main character.
    - Toy Story 3 The Claw.

      If we're talking Toy Story 3 scenes then it has to be the ending for me. I saw it in the cinema - it was at night, so no kids in there, packed full of adults and every single person in there was blubbering like a little baby.

    Not up there as a favorite movie but a favorite scene that jumps out in my mind is from True Romance, the conversation between Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken leading up to the moment Hopper is taken out.

    Some great ones above! Here are a couple of mine.

    "What colour is the boathouse at Hereford?" - Ronin.
    USS Indianopolis monologue, Jaws.

    12 Monkeys - When they're in the mental institute. Love Gilliams style of directing with camera shots all off-centre to add to the "lunacy".
    Paths Of Glory - The battle scene with Kirk Douglas walking down the trench-line before going over the wall.
    The Shining - Danny riding the tricycle around. A perfect steadicam shot.
    The Great Dictator - End speech.
    Children of Men - The long shot

      +1 for The Shining. So tense! I almost jumped out of my shoes the first time I watched that sequence.

    That scene where Gandalf tells Harry to use the force....

    Love some of the ones above but choose anything from Hot Fuzz and you have mine.

    The fight in the kitchen near the end of The Raid 2. Brutal, long and incredibly choreographed. Can't think of any fight scenes to top it that immediately come to mind.

      Also 99% of the Street Fighter movie was horrendous but when that truck is hurtling towards the bad guys while they're watching it on TV and Zangeif blurts out "Quick! Change the channel!", it still gets me.

        I actually don't mind the movie in a dumb action movie kinda way but that scene is a classic

      Oh yes - almost any of the scenes out of The Raid or The Raid 2 are absolutely brilliant!!! That scene out in the muddy prison courtyard and the train scene with the "hammers chick" - AMAZING!!!

    Jackie Chan vs Benny the Jet in Wheels on Meals.

    Enter the Dragon, when Bruce scores lightning quick points on O'Hara

    It's hard to pick one. The first two scenes that come to mind are the arcade fight scene in City Hunter (Jackie Chan is the best Chun Li) and the Arab Swordsman scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Knowing the story behind it makes it all the more funny.

    Alec Baldwin's scene in Glengarry Glen Ross immediately comes to mind. So many others.

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    Well the final duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in return of the Jedi would have to be right up there. I'm trying to think of something slightly less obvious but I'm drawing a blank.

    "All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in the rain." "Time to die..."

    Edit: And basically every scene in John Wick. I have never had a movie make me cheer during every punch and gun shot as much as that.

    also The Narrator vs. Tyler Durden "fight" at the end of fight club.

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      BladeRunner is such a great movie - and that scene is brilliant. Hard to pick one out in that movie though. The interrogation scene at the start is awesome too, as is the death scene for the snake dancer.

        I prefer the interrogation scene at the beginning and the scene where the replicant, who was an exotic dancer, gets shot running through the glass.

        Did you see this?

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