One Of The Most Popular Builds Of Diablo III Is Back

One Of The Most Popular Builds Of Diablo III Is Back

With the new items and gameplay changes of Diablo III‘s superb 2.3 patch, one of the coolest builds of old times, the Archon, is back and got stronger for Season 4.

It’s a fun build totally worth trying out with the new patch, that focuses on the Wizards’s massive Archon ability, something that was neglected for a while now (just like Wizards).

Here’s a very well made video guide by YouTuber Fevir, explaining everything related to this build and proving that it’s OP as hell by completing a really tough level 60 Greater Rift.

Grabbed from the video above, here are all the items and skills needed (zoom in to see the text). As you can see it’s a very item-dependent build, with tons of Life on Hit and Cooldown reduction as well as items like the Vyr’s set, a new Season 4 item called Fazula’s Improbable Chain and the Chantodo’s set. All equipped in order to boost the Wizard’s Archon ability.

One Of The Most Popular Builds Of Diablo III Is Back


    • Character builds? what character builds? FARM 4 LYFF!

      j/k =P

      That being said this on top of the always online was one of the reasons I passed up on D3 it seems fun but the whole unable to actually “build” your character sorta took the fun away for me.

  • That’s it, I paid hundreds of dollars on games legitimately to have them fuck up, delete saves, poor ports and unfinished versions I sware from this day on I am pirating every game. Can anyone really blame me for trying to do the right thing and pay when the cracked version works better??? Fuck supporting these cunts.

    • How is your life up until now? Not so great? Would you like to pirate that as well? No.. Well you can just uninstall it, that would solve everyone’s troubles.

    • When it come out it was in really poor condition and servers suck and was pretty much missing well over half the game. I don’t buy any triple A games anymore for the reason that they are boring and don’t work very well on PC. on that note i don’t pirate the games either but i can see why people would do it. Like they say “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” people wont be fooled again as they simply pirate their games due to wasting money on a completely rubbish over priced game.

  • Meh I still enjoy the play style of Del Rasha a bit too much. But then again with the right gear this looks fun.

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