Players Discover Secret Destiny Mission With An Awesome Reward

Players Discover Secret Destiny Mission With An Awesome Reward

Destiny, a video game that's too good for the likes of Emmy-award winning Peter Dinklage, is now full of hidden secrets, some of which you'll probably never find your own.

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Today, for example, players discovered a hidden mission inside another mission that's A) super-difficult, B) super-rewarding, and C) unlike anything else in vanilla Destiny. If you beat it, you'll get an exotic sniper rifle called Black Spindle that's a year-two version of the popular Black Hammer. Like its predecessor, Black Spindle regenerates ammo if you get enough critical hits (although remember: Black Hammer was nerfed just before The Taken King, and that ammo now comes from your reserves rather than the ether).

The secret mission is a little obscure, but here's how you find it:

1) Launch the daily heroic story mission, Lost to Light.

2) Play through as quickly as possible — without wiping — until you get to the third door of the escape route (you know — the one that requires three relics to open).

3) Instead of going through that door, go past it and turn into where you find the Fallen ketch in the Taniks strike (The Shadow Thief).

4) If you made it in time, your Ghost will say something about a Fallen transmission, and then you'll have 10 minutes to clear the entire ketch of Taken, which is way harder than it looks. Seriously, it's tough as hell. Bring friends. If you run out of time, you'll be booted back to orbit.

Here's a video of this whole process in action:

If you do manage to clear out the ship, you'll get the Black Spindle, which looks like this:

Players Discover Secret Destiny Mission With An Awesome Reward

Coolest thing about this? The Taken King has been out for over a week and we still haven't uncovered all of its secrets. There might be all sorts of hidden tasks and cool rewards all throughout various planets and story missions. Destiny is so goddamned cool now.


    Get to it while you can - there's been confirmation that you can ONLY get it from the Daily Story Heroic. No other time and/or place to grab it, so far.

      Not cool...did the daily last night and seeing this at work this morning...don't finish until about reset time...

        Don't worry, this will apparently come up as a Daily Heroic fairly frequently, presumably so players have plenty of opportunities to get the gun. You'll pretty much want a full fireteam at high light level though, so I don't plan to do it for awhile.

          I hope you're right. I've been missing my black hammer since the patch.

            Bad news is that Bungie has confirmed a bug with the Black Spindle, so if you don't get it now, it may be patched by the time you do get it:


              It's not a big deal, it's just dropping at max light (310) instead of 290 which is the standard damage for exotic drops. You can still get it at 290 later and infuse it up to 310 with legendaries.

              I think people are overreacting, calling Bungie fun police, etc. People always do, but later you realise it's for the best. Remember when people lost their shit when you could no longer grenade Atheon over the edge of the Vault of Glass instead of doing the while time travel/Time's Vengeance method you're supposed to? Imagine how dull the raid would be if that was literally the solution.

              I don't agree with nerfing weapons that have been rightfully earned, and I really dislike the nerf to the White Nail perk, but in the long term it's not that big a deal. Everyone complained when they nerfed Gjallarhorn but even capped at year 1 light (170) and with Wolfpack rounds doing less damage, it's still the best launcher for taking down the Taken Champions on patrol.

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                Yeah thats the way I interpreted it too...which I'm not too fussed about. Though a lot of people seem to be reading it as bungie are also going to be lowering the 310 Spindles that have already dropped down to 290.

                I hope not.

                  I don't really care too much about the light level, considering most of the raid weapons I've seen are crap I think I'll be infusing them into my exotics and legendaries.

                  Correct, they are retroactively fixing the 310 Black Spindles to be 290 - The caveat is if you use your 310 before this adjustment to infuse another weapon up higher, it's light level will not be effected. So basically, do the mission, use it to infuse something else up, then just re-grab it from the kiosk.

            Sadly the new "white nail" perk pulls from reserves instead of just refilling your ammo so it's still a nerfed version of the gun, but I guess it'll still hit bosses like Fallen Walkers pretty hard.

      That being said, they have confirmed that this mission will be the daily heroic many more times to come in the future, so if you miss out this time you should be able to get another shot at it fairly soon.

      Edit - "they" being one of the designers from bungie.

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      Damn it! I wont make it in time to do it tonight.

    Destiny is ONLY good if you grabbed The Taken King.

    My sis is so upset at what she can't do since it launched. Stuff that she could do previously. I hate that Destiny is getting all this hype for the expansion, and few care about how much Bungie gutted vanilla Destiny in the process.

      Thats kinda how MMOs operate though.

        Further to your point, I was against buying it until I thought about it more. Destiny is more or less an MMO. Think of WoW as a comparison. They're able to release xpac's at $30-$40 a pop that have a significant amount of content in them, as opposed to Destiny's $70 upgrade at the PSN store or $110 Legendary edition.

        The difference? The fact that Blizzard are bringing in $15 USD a month to help them bring out consistent, big updates. Bungie would get torn a new one if they did that, as people are already paying for XBL and PS+.

        TL;DR: Just buy it, it equals out to what you'd get from a decent MMO.

          yeah, the way they work it is that its pretty much a subscription without calling it one. I don't get why people are upset that they can't do things like the nightfall anymore, what do they even want to get? If your not buying TTK why would you want to continue to play the game?

          Not sure how much gradual content WoW expansions release between expansions, but remember that WoW subs can be cancelled between expansions, while Destiny is asking for everything up-front, and hasn't had a good track record thus far. I can totally understand why people are sceptical about TTK.

          Sure, except the original release of WoW wasn't broken....

            A few Vanilla players would like to have a word with you ;P

            Vanilla Destiny wasn't broken - it wasn't complete. Given the history of the the 2-3 years leading up to it, ehh I'm willing to cut Bungie some slack in that regard.

            *double posted*

            Last edited 25/09/15 5:57 am

          Aye, this. Especially considering this is a "good" expac with plenty of good changes, a one time price is more than fair. Wows latest expac was $60USD on release and you're still paying the sub. And its an expansion that is worth the time for any fan of destiny.

      If your sis really liked Destiny, she would get The Taken King.

        It's not about liking it or not. It's about being able to afford it. Right now, she can't. I do agree with the points about it being an MMO and the baggage that comes with, but she is taking it quite hard.

    My wife and I have been playing it non stop

      Good to have such a considerate wife. My wife has been telling me to stop playing it non stop...

        She actually got the taken king :) not myself I was gonna wait for a price drop lol

      My partner isnt fond of shooters :( kudos to you

    Damn! That looks sweet. Im keen as to get this. If anyone wants to join me tonight on PS4, you're welcome to add me. Psn is I-squidgy-I

    @os42 Fun idea? Lets give it a go next time it's daily! Might have light up enough by then.

      Definitely! Was hoping to get people together to run it tonight, but then I heard it's Daily Heroic only... :( Will still be rushing home tonight to try it before reset, but get the feeling I won't be able to do it alone, and there won't be many people on.

      As an aside, I'm kicking myself - our raid group didn't actually get to raid last night, due to a missing team member, so we spent a while wandering round the dreadnaught, doing Court of Oryx events. Finally got to the daily this morning, quickly rushed through it in the hour or so I have before work. Left for work, and saw this while browsing reddit on the train... cue Luke Skywalker scream: "NOOOO!!!"

        Heheheh. I was just wandering around last night doing quests. I wasn't really in the mood for loud shouty people so your party of seven didn't appeal.

        I may well be home very early. I'll send you a PSN message if I'm going to be on. Titan is 40/254 now. Worked out the infusing! :D

          ...and by "Very Early" I mean I have to leave work for an appointment that's at 16:00, so if I take the bike there I can ride straight home and be online by 17:30-ish... woo. :D

            That should give us plenty of time. I'll be aiming to get home around then, too.

        OK, the reddit page has some great advice...

          Hopefully you and @os42 got it. My group tried it out for about 3 hours - multiple attempts ended with downing Driksis but not clearing the adds fast enough. For the first time in a long time, I felt like deadweight sitting at 255 light :s

          All in all, it was very challenging and enjoyable on our end.

            Unfortunately not. We started a bit late, and only got three attempts in before reset. Our best attempt got us to the last room with four minutes on the clock, but we just got ground to mince by those adds.

              To second os42 - I jumped in with him and one other. We progressed OK and despite my lowish light level felt like we were on track, but then that last room... splat. Trying to do enough damage to the boss was just not happening. I jumped out and gave my slot up and went back to levelling the Titan. It's very doable, just need to a) be doing enough damage, and b) smash the earlier rooms really quickly to give at least 5 mins in the last room. Some better coordination I think, maybe a Defender, a Sunbreaker and a Stormcaller, bang a Weapons of Light blinding bubble and generate orbs and get the other two smashing everything...

              Last edited 25/09/15 11:54 am

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