Protect Your Keyboard From Cats

Protect Your Keyboard From Cats

Got a cat? What about a keyboard? Then, you know that those fuzzy friends love to sit on them when you're typing. Let's stop that.

This is the Nekopochi Keyboard Cover. While I've seen shelves and organisers used as make-shift keyboard rests for cats, this one is specially designed for cats to sit on while you work on the computer!

Protect Your Keyboard From Cats

The Nekopochi website (via PC Watch) is covered with photos of cats and states, "Keyboards are not beds!" Made from acrylic plastic, the cover can support up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds), which is over twice the weight of your average shorthair.

Protect Your Keyboard From Cats

So, I guess it can support two cats?

Protect Your Keyboard From Cats

And because it's clear plastic, you can see what the hell you are doing, while your cat gets in your way.

Protect Your Keyboard From Cats

It's priced at 6,264 yen or US$52 (though, I have seen cheaper online), comes in three colours, and currently only appears to be available in Japan.


    According to google translate it says
    "This cat domesticated eternal trouble, resolved in keyboard cover ... Guard the work interference by the cat jump riding."

      That statement was adorable yet somewhat nonsensical. Just like cats, really.

      "Since the cat to work interference not too late!"

        As it would if it were jump riding eternally.

    Or just put a shoebox or something to the side of your desk and they'll sit in it.

    ... it's a bent piece of clear acrylic. you could make this with a heat gun, a hacksaw and some sand paper, hell, I think I made these back in highschool for a business assignment

      I guess I would have too if I hadn't made salad servers ... and if cats jump riding keyboards had been an issue in the good old days.

      You could, but a sheet of acrylic in the right dimensions seems to cost around $40 from what I can see online so even if you already own the tools you're not really saving that much.

    When mine gets in the way, I scratch her chin until she gets sick of it and moves on.
    A cat does not benefit those of us who are susceptible to procrastination.

    This made me think of the Cyanide & Happiness comic:

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