Quarterback Decapitation Sim Blood Bowl 2 Touches Down Next Week

Who wants to see a dwarf beat the snot out of an elf with nothing but an empty tankard? Blood Bowl 2 will provide you that opportunity in just a few days, when the sequel arrives on 22 September. Based on Games Workshop's board game of the same name (minus the "2"), Blood Bowl 2 combines fantasy warfare with the bloodiest of ball sports.

The previous title, also developed by Cyanide Studios, was released all the way back in 2010. 2015's rendition has everything you'd expect from a game five years' younger: fancier graphics, a persistent online mode, customisable championships and going by the Steam page, system requirements one must shout as loudly as possible.

What races are playable, I hear you ask? These eight, going from the website:

If the image above isn't visible, you have Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Skaven, Dark Elves, Chaos, Bretonnia and the High Elves. I'm a bit sad that Undead don't make an appearance, but if you have Skaven, you're alright in my books.

You can pre-order the game now for $US44.99, which will get you a bonus race — Lizardmen or Wood Elves, depending on how dainty your wrists are — and access to the multiplayer beta.

Blood Bowl 2 [Steam, via Blue's News]


    This series has always fascinated me, but I never played the first one. I like some turn-based here and there (loved xcom) and I love NFL - so I might give it a shot..or wait until it's on special due to increasing backlog!

      If you're thinking about picking it up but have never played before (digital or tabletop) I recommend reading through the living rulebook first http://www.bloodbowlonline.com/Rules.shtml

      If it's anything like the first one you probably won't have much idea of what's going on otherwise.

    Regardless of rational I really thought this was a sequel to Pigskin, a great arcade game with a similar setting

    aww wheres my goblin team!!

    my greatest bloodbowl achievement with the tabletop game was actually winning a match with a goblin team which involved a goblin superstar dorog troll slayer called that after a troll tried to tackle him, slipped and killed himself

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