Real-Life Metal Gear Character Is So Darn Texas

Real-Life Metal Gear Character Is So Darn Texas

I'm a native Texan. But let me be the first to say this guy is way more Texas than I'll ever be.

This is Tornado Yoshida. He recently appeared in costume at this year's Tokyo Game Show, twirling pistols and all.

Look at this guy go at it.

Yoshida isn't just some Metal Gear super fan, but he did the Ocelot motion capture for Metal Gear Solid. He is Revolver Ocelot's gun twirling in the flesh.

In Japan, Yoshida has made a name for himself on the gunplay circuit for his spinning skills:

Those belt buckles. Those hats. Those shirts, and those guns. I don't have any of that.

Tornado Yoshida, you're making me feel like a bad Texan.


    A Japanese guy showing Texans how it's really done. Love it. :)

    I was thinking the from the gif that it was absolutely spot on; reading he actually did the motion capture and it makes total sense, it's exactly the same as the routine in MGS3. Very cool.

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