Remember This?

Remember This?

Congratulations to kartanym who correctly guessed that Friday’s Remember This was Perfect Dark Zero. Nice job!

Good luck with today’s Remember This. Can’t tell if it’s difficult or way too easy!


  • Dragon Quest VIII.

    I mean it’s not, but it had pretty clouds. Let’s talk about DQVIII. I never finished it because my PS2’s memory card slot 1 died and I lost all my progress. I’d done really well too. I’d managed to get my dude to power up to supersaiyan or whatever and was farming metal slimes like a boss. Never managed to get the set bonus for Jessica’s playgirl bunny outfit for some reason, that still annoys me, even though it was a pretty lousy set.

    I’ve considered buying the iPad port but I hear it doesn’t work so well.

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies.

    Phew! These game titles are getting longer than the story each time!

  • Can we please go back to any other -taku (scribble, song, anything), RIS has seriously reduced how entertaining I find this game.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love RT as much as the next gaming nerd, but a level playing field would be nice. It just isn’t as much fun when it can be searched and someone does so on day one, instead of us guessing increasingly obscure games and Serrels lording over us when it gets to days 2 or 3.

    Also, correctly guessing the game when it can be RIS’d always leaves room for doubt. I like to think no one uses it (and all respect due to Dr_Neeson if he didn’t), but you never know.

    • I think that was meant to be the plan starting today, but perhaps @markserrels forgot?

      I have to say, though, I am constantly impressed by just how well Google image search actually works. Nondescript image of clouds or stonework? Bam – here’s the game it came from.

    • No cheating here, I love playing this game. Plus Gemini got it right anyways. I thought it was the SNES one

      • Cheating ruins the fun. Post, then do a RIS to check, but not to hunt initially. Assuming the answer is correct, let’s call it a tie. 70% of the answer was yours anyway…. 😀

        I’m down for scribbletaku. Bring it on Mark!

        • 30% is generous since all you did was add 64 to my answer 😛

          Would an animated gif make it harder to RIS?
          Because I really would like to keep playing this. I schedule my lunch time to play this!

          But I’m happy to go with the flow if most people want to change the game.

          • 30% is generous since all you did was add 64 to my answer 😛

            I like to round up, not down. 😀

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