Remember This?

Congrats to both dr_neeson and Gemini who, between the two of them, managed to guess that yesterday's Remember This was Pilotwings 64. Well done team.

And yes, I have delayed the change of Kotaku's guessing game till next week. I haven't forgotten! Until now you're all going to have to endure Remember This. Apologies!


    This screenshot really reminds me of Google Maps. No idea what game it could be.

    Looks like a 90's RTS

    I'll go with KKnD or Dark Reign

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    damn this one immediately clicked something in my brain but I can't pin it down.

    Reminds me of the terrain textures you can apply in scorched earth

    It's not this, but you know what game I liked? Star Trek 25th Anniversary. I really want to play it again but I fear the old Star Trek games are in the forgotten area of Steam that never get sales and I don't feel like my nostalgia is worth $5.99 USD. I recently discovered the CD-ROM version of the game had an extended version of the final mission! I scarcely recall the mission to be honest but I'm reasonably sure I played the floppy-disk version because I recall it being truncated. I think you repair a transporter and are given the option to escape without being able to fulfil side objectives, because in the floppy disk version those objectives and extra rooms simply aren't there! I was blown away by this, that such a big part of my gaming childhood was sort of a lie!

    One day when I have the time I will knuckle down, buy the game, and blaze through it. I think the toughest mission was where you catch Harry Mudd on a strange alien cruiser. If you enter a certain room too many times, Mudd either destroys or erases an alien computer/databank, which affects your mission ranking. You can circumvent the room, but if you don't know in advance that this will happen you can get in all sorts of trouble. Ah, 90s point and click adventure games. You bastards.

    Command & Conquer Red Alert 2?

      Im gonna go for Red Alert 1, even through I know it probably isn't it.

      I just can't quite put my finger on what it is but it's so familiar.

    I thought return fire until I actually looked it up and realized how bad my brain remembers things.

      Oh man, I loved that game! Gonna check now to see if it exists as abandonware lol

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