Remember This?

Well done to musedragon for guessing that Wednesday's Remember This was LEGO Island. Man, I forgot they made LEGO games back in those days.

Today is a special day. It's the last Remember This. For a while at least. Next week we're going to start back with a new game, or maybe a return of an old favourite. I haven't really decided yet!

I really wanted to go out with a bang.

Good luck everyone.


    Crossy Road... I got nothin, it looks like the white lines on a mouse infested road...

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    I think I know what it is, but it isn't really my place to guess it.

    The light grey is the centerline of the road in this screen shot from a game featuring extra terrestrial rodents.

        Venusian Rats who enjoy a nice Sunday drive?

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      I'm going to go with another old favourite, that involves using a shovel to excavate dirt.

    I'm gonna go with a 1990's flight sim of some sort.. what about Microsoft flight simulator..

    Does it have to be a game? It looks like the Challenger shuttle explosion.

    Kerbal space program.

    >.> <.

    Next week we’re going to start back with a new game, or maybe a return of an old favourite. I haven’t really decided yet!

    @markserrels: May I offer a subtle hint?

    [Preps up a wall of 3,000 megaphones and aims them at Mark.]


    I had a fighter pilot sim that this reminds me off, can't remember the name of it though. maybe f-14 or something. All i know is for ages I used to just roll off the aircraft carrier and crash in the sea until I learnt how to use the thrust and landing gear things

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    Its not Biker Mice from Mars is it :P


    Have you no shame?

    Riker Lice in Jars?

    I've been stuck in meetings all day.
    Kicking myself about missing this one.
    Every day i try my hardest to post first and work is
    Really putting pressure on me.
    I should set some timer for coming earlier to these.
    Could anyone recommend me an app for android?
    Even if i got it set up id probably still miss it :(
    Friday is usually a quiet day for me so it sucks i missed out.
    Racing around the office each morning is hard to keep up posts.
    Only able to make it to like 1 or 2 each week on time.
    Maybe it's time to give it up?
    Maybe i should actually do some work lol.
    Arguing with myself over this isn't going to solve anything.
    Regret is all i will get.
    Someday it will be the correct answer... Someday...

      We still love you mate. We just all wanted you to have the final spin at the wheel :)

        I so wanted decoy to have the first post, and guess something else.
        Would have been the perfect ending.

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