Reminder: The Humble Store Is Having A Super Good Sale

Humble Store sales are usually pretty good. This current 'Summer' sale? It's no exception.

But the best part of this sale is that a lot of games that you don't normally see on sale are actually on sale.

Games like Proteus being 80% off at $1.99. That game is great.

Papo & Yo is 85% off at $2.24. Also pretty good. Interesting at the very least.

Yeah, and then there's yesterday's deals which are even better.

Antichamber is $1.99. 90% off. Come on man. That's awesome.

Anyway, just thought I'd shoot out a little reminder in case you were thinking about saving your money like a responsible adult.


    The normal Humble Bundle are also really good at the moment. Star Wars audio-books and Tom Clancy game bundle are definitely worth a look.

      Tom Clancy bundle is a bargain, shame its not a steam release though. uPlay I think.

        I stupidly slapped down $10 thinking it was for Steam as well. Still ... It's really just going to end up like everything else I'd buy in a normal Steam/Origin/UPlay sale anyway - unplayed, sitting in a big game library that I'll never get through.

          Yep... same... I think Im up to about 500 or more steam games now and only a handful have every been installed/played.

    I got suckered into Om Nom Galaxy - I've heard great things and it was only AU$3, so why not?

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