Reminder: The Inside Of Your PS3 Is (Probably) Disgusting

Reminder: The Inside Of Your PS3 Is (Probably) Disgusting

You know how when you look at your consoles, you sometimes see some dust caked around the vents? That’s just the crap you can see on the outside.

With a PS3 that sounded “like a jet engine”, blowmeawayyouniverse opened their console for the first time since 2007 and found, well … a good reason it sounded like a jet engine.

Now is a good time to remind you that whether you’ve got a PC, console (or both), one of the best investments you can make is a can of compressed air and the time to clean stuff out every year or two. PS4 owners should be especially vigilant. There’s something about the size and placement of its vents that mean, at least on my console, there’s way more dust caking around them than on my PC or Xbox One.

Reminder: The Inside Of Your PS3 Is (Probably) Disgusting
Reminder: The Inside Of Your PS3 Is (Probably) Disgusting


    • Yes. THIS! Maintaining an adequate level of clean is normal, not letting things go to shit and cleaning it 5 years down the line…

  • This is why I clean out my PC every few months. I have a coolermaster 212 CPU cooler and man does it cake. (Especially in Perth where it’s drier and dustier I guess)

  • My iRobot just sits there even when I repeatedly ask Siri to vacuum my PS4.

    Pfft……..women. They’ll never be allowed to vote if they keep this up.

  • Erm, no. I hadn’t cleaned out my PS3 in 6 years of use, had to crack it open as it finally died on me and it was spotless inside. Regular cleaning of the vents and, as above, your house is all you need to not make your console/pc build up with a big pile of crap inside

    • Yeah, this is like from a Mad Max sandstorm. Literally just opened an old launch console I have, was NOTHING like this.

      • Highest likelihood is environmental conditions, coupled with a lack of cleaning the house/room the console was kept in, let alone the console itself, and weed. The sheer amount of dust you end up with smoking weed indoors can get pretty f-ing astronomical….

          • Lol, both. The smoke blown out all turns to particulate matter which ends up dust…… plus…. ‘FUCK IT, I’M HIGH!”

  • Best one I ever saw was the insides of an old DEC MicroVAX that was used for CAD/CAM in a Joinery….

  • Without anything to judge scale, those photos look like some overgrown city.

    And yes, clean your room!

  • A can of compressed air is absolutely brilliant. So long as you hold the fans still while spraying them. If you don’t you can ruin the fan and make it even louder.

  • Looks like an abandoned ‘electric ant’ colony. I wonder if the system had been switched off at the wall for some time? Electric ants are attracted to the heat build up from the electrical resistivity in the copper on the circuit boards. They will often abandon the nests they build if the appliance is powered off for some time. I’ve seen them in a printer & an air conditioner.

  • Recently cracked open a NES that was on a shelf in my father in laws shed since 1993. It was worse than this, but after spending a decent amount of time cleaning (and literally scrubbing the case) came up as good as new. Had the SMB/Duck Hunt in it so the slot was protected. Powered it up and fired straight up. only problem was I couldn’t find the controller, so no goomba stomping for me
    Those things were built to last. Love to see the PS3 fire up after 25 years of caked on dirt

  • I remember opening a smoker’s PC once. Oh god, the whole thing was… stained by… yellow dust… tar… stuff… blarrrrrghhhhhh

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