Resident Evil Turned Into A Multiplayer Shooter 

Resident Evil Turned into a Multiplayer Shooter

Remember when you couldn't run and shoot in Resident Evil?

It's skill based. It's class based. There are zombies. Resident Evil puts its own spin on online shooters with Resident Evil Umbrella Corps.

Resident Evil Turned into a Multiplayer Shooter

The shooter throws zombies into the mix in a multiplayer shooter. The game is slated for the PS4 early next year in Japan. No word yet on the Western release.


    Umm...didn't they release this exact game a couple years ago to horrible reviews? You played Umbrella members during an Outbreak and it was made by an old Rainbow Six dev.

    I love a lot of Capcom games. Phoenix Wright is funny/clever. The VS games are the best (Marvel) games around. Megabusters, AvP, G&G... Resident Evil. The quintessential survival horror. And that's kind of the problem; they make the best fighting games in the world, excellent platformers, puzzle games, etc... but not FPS. And FPS almost by definition is the opposite of survival horror. With SH, you have to make the decision to run through a room full of zombies because you don't have enough ammo, and with FPS's you just shoot things. It is fun to shoot things, like House of the Dead, or a change in tempo within a RE game(the monsters are stronger and there's more of them). The thing is that the RE shoot-em-up genre has been done a lot before and without tremendous success. Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles, and the shift away from SH following RE4. The last "failure" was Operation: Raccoon City... and maybe it doesn't count as it wasn't made by Capcom, but the only real appeal for me was the cutscenes. I think I read somewhere that Capcom were envious of the money that games like CoD were making, and they wanted a piece of that pie. It's not the WORST idea in the world as there is potential, but I think another part of the appeal is the strength of non-human creatures. Look at Jurassic Park, Walking Dead, Aliens, Terminator. All of those monsters can easily kill you. The biggest threat shouldn't be other humans with some monsters as scenery. You kind of diminish the threat if you use a zombie as a shield whereas in RE you struggled to run past one. So yeah I think a lot of gamers were unimpressed with the shoot-em-up change to RE and so they're not hyped for this game, and just want Capcom to spend their resources on other things(like a RE3 remake or another VS game).

    The problem with this game isn't the content or genre. The problem is that it looks so generic.

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