Rockstar's Salty Response To The BBC's GTA Movie

Rockstar's Salty Response To The BBC's GTA Movie

Oh shit.

For those of you that don't know: today, BBC Two launched the broadcast of The Gamechangers, a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and and Bill Paxton that takes a look at the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto and violent video games in the early 2000's. Sounds like a cool concept, no? Except Rockstar isn't really on board with it — in fact, they're suing the BBC over the movie, and have gone on record saying that they had nothing to do with its creation.

Which leads us to this tweet. Basil Brush is a character from British children's television, in case you didn't know. It's basically Rockstar going "u wot m8?"

The responses to this Tweet are pretty amusing, too:


    Biased Views of Violent Games and THINK OF THE CHILDREN - The Movie.

    Nice burn Rockstar!

    Last edited 16/09/15 3:13 pm

    If nothing else, maybe this'll result in a new GTA London, just so Rockstar can have a BBC parody to blow up.

    That's a lot of backslapping for something that wasn't that funny.

      Standard internet fare ;o

        Yeah, true... I guess I'm too old to join in the reindeer games. The new usage of "salty" makes me wonder about the absence of sodium everytime I see it, after all

    I don't really understand why they're so annoyed..?

    EDIT: Ohhhhhhhhh right, they actually used Grand Theft Auto, I thought they were making some kind of parody

    Last edited 16/09/15 3:55 pm

    Do I have to see the movie to understand this or am I ignorant to something incredibly obvious..?

      Right? They should have made a Sooty reference; everyone loves that guy.

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