Well done to Casual Prolix who guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku super quickly! It was The Secret of Monkey Island! Thanks again to Michael Witte for sending it in!

I think the cool part for me was how many different guesses there were. Pretty broad spectrum there!

Good luck with today's effort. It's tougher than you think!


    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Edited to put in full name

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    The trees in Commander Keen!

    EDIT: Commander Keen 4 to be exact

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      Those trees looking they've been blazing it.

    Looks like something a child would draw in a psychologist's office

    wow they look like stoned Deku trees.

    Logical Journey of the Zoombinis... grumpy stumps pizza trial

    Damn. First thought was Zelda, but damn son... google image search Commander Keen 4 trees.

      I know right! Forgot they all had faces on them haha.

      I did, and the first result on google is this post.

        That's weird... I get nothing kotaku-related when I searched it.
        Either way, I can't believe @tr33t0ps got it so fast or that the scribble was so accurate.

        Wasn't googled at all, sorry to burst your bubble

    Mortal kombat was my first instinct but it looks too friendly

    Damnit, I was really hoping it was necromancer, my all time favourite tree based game.

    I have to ask how on earth was yesterday's Secret of Monkey Island??

      It's the Giant Monkey Head key which looks like a similarly giant cotton tip.

      Last edited 17/09/15 1:51 pm

      Image was linked yesterday. Basically yeah, giant cotton tip key.

    Biker mice from mars! This was actually one of my submits but damn that was a quick guess...

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