Man, first guess gets it. Well done to Casual Prolix who guessed that yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Final Fantasy X. I DREW WAKKA'S PANTS.

Good luck today! This Scribble was drawn by Dong Tri Phan! Thanks for sending one in!

Don't forget! I'm looking for ScribbleTaku drawings from you guys! Email them here!


    By the looks of it i am thinking Samus Aran's Morph Ball .

    Looks a bit like one of the faction logos in Dark Reign

      I think the faction logo wasn't like a straight-blade fan, the 'blade' bits were more curved

    Half Life

      Step one: Load page.
      Step two: think 'no one will think that looks like a vent with a fan at the end from HL...'
      Step three: Notice you got beaten to it.
      Step four: Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry alot.

        Ha ha, sorry man! I know exactly how you feel :)

    Halo Zanzbar

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