Congratulations to Poribo who totally guessed that yesterday's ScribbleTaku by Dong Tri Phan was Persona 4. I would never have guessed that in a million years.

Good luck with today's effort. Thanks to Dr. Neeson for sending it in!


    That is, quite obviously, Taking The Temperature of Half of the Face of the Man From Da Vinci's "The Scream": The Game.
    Available now, exclusively on Ouya.

      A game widely panned for its misattribution .

    Pregnancy kit adventures.
    Looks like a health bar so will go a fighting game.. Never played this but.. Eternal Champions. Stab in the dark.

      "Honey the stick gave me a winky face, it must be positive!"

    Are people submitting suggestions then guessing their own work? :P WTF is going on here.

      Why do you think people are guessing their own work?

        It was tongue in cheek - I guess that's lost in the text.
        I'm just amazed how quickly people are getting these :P

          You probably should have used a tongue in check kind of emoticon then ;)
          But yeah, folks round these parts be crazy

    It looks very familiar to me but not sure what it is
    I'll guess Theme hospital but feel that is wrong

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