Look I want to give a shout out to two people who managed to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku. First is tiger858 who was first to guess correctly. Second is dre666 who took way too long typing and was consequently gazumped by tiger858!

Thanks to Dr. Neeson for sending in the scribble!

Today's effort comes from Ashigaru! Good luck eveyone!


    Need the whole weekend to sit on this one. No idea.

    Is it sideways? If you rotated it left 90 degrees it looks like a character which I can't place just yet.

      Yeah, looks like a cowboy with a face covering scarf and a small slit visible between the brim of his stetson and upper edge of the scarf

        True. I thought it was the other way around and the Scarf was a hat, with there being a nose and big mouth but a scarf seems more likely.

        Last edited 25/09/15 1:06 pm

      looks like some kinda space rodent that would ride some kinda two wheeled vehicle on a different planet...

      Last edited 25/09/15 1:19 pm


    Maybe even flOw?

    Last edited 25/09/15 12:31 pm

      Dammit flOw was my guess :(

        Not anymore.....

        [Somehow succeeds in have a patent put on the guess under the title 'A methodology and process for reacting to game-oriented, online trivia' and puts a royalty program in place for future 'flOw' guesses on ScribbleTaku]


    I want to say it is a cursor for menu selection for a game I have played semi recently, perhaps an RPG like kingdom hearts.

    If you look at it sideways, it looks like Biker Mice from Mars

    Biker Mice from Mars!

      Wait, this picture looks suspiciously like Throttle from BMFM but rotated 90 degrees. Heres a comparison
      @Ashigaru you sly dog you

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        To help make up for missing out on the final round of remember this! ;)

        Last edited 29/09/15 1:01 pm

        HAHAAHAHA! It was bound to happen. But since you explained it I see the character too.

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