Oh this is the best. Friday's ScribbleTaku was Biker Mice From Mars. But sadly our favourite ScribbleTaku regular Decoy was not fast enough to guess it correctly! Congrats to deku-tri who was first to correctly guess Ashigaru's scribble!

Today we have another entry from Dr. Neeson!

Good luck everyone!


    Avengers logo

    I know that image.

    It's a compass/waypoint indicator that's displayed in one of the corners of a game screen, I believe with a red arrow and a white circle around it. I can see the screenshot in my head but I can not for the life of me remember the game.

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      This is driving me nuts. I thought it was nav indicator from a flying game, like Freelancer or something like that...

      Actually doing my head in.

      I know that too. What game was that dammit ?! ... Or was this kind/type (what i mean is simmilar to this) of waypoint indicator used in many games ?

    Legend of Dragoon?

    That seriously reminds me of the 'down' arrow that appears in a sphere in the dialogs.

    It reminds me of Asteroids, although I doubt that's the answer.

    This actually reminds me of an old Amiga game from way back in the day... driving me nuts trying to remember what it was called, though. I think it was a shooter with Asteroids-style rotate-and-thrust controls. God damn what was it called?!?

      space ace? (amstrad title, not sure if it was on amiga though)

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      Stardust and Super Stardust were some pretty awesome Amiga asteroids-type games.
      I don't think this is from those, though.

        Nah, not those ones.

        Great... now I won't be able to sleep for weeks until I can figure this out :|

    Tilt to Live?

    Nooooo. Stolen by Deku. i swear that comment wanst there when i replied. Must have been waiting approval!


    This one has to be Biker Mice from Mars

      Same mate! That's why I was so confused. Pipped at the post AGAIN :(

    I am thinking either Elite or one of the Ultima Underworld games. However I am sleep deprived so I might just be hallucinating an arrow!

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