Congratulations to absolutely nobody, because Dr. Neeson's ScribbleTaku remains unsolved! Since he's not at hand to create a second scribble, I'm just going to leave you all with your shame.

(It was Gunstar Heroes.)

Today's ScribbleTaku is brought to you by me! Take it easy on me!


    Almost want to say it's from a Metroid, but nah.

    Missile Game 3D

    NOOOO I did make 2nd scribble I was just too slow at sending it lol. Oh well.

    Crash Bandicoot Warped? (or possibly wrath of cortex)

    Looks like a fancy hub cap. Given Mark's tastes, I'm going for Rocket League.

    OK, I said this the other week, but this REALLY looks like Dark Reign

    Sonic Heroes?

    I swear i know it, just cant think where. Maybe Diablo or Soul Calibur or something.

    Quake 4

    Last edited 30/09/15 12:58 pm

    Street Fighter 2, Ryu's stage?

      Yes thats the one I was thinking of!! Now i can sleep tonight.

    Looks like a member of the three comma club anyway looking closely at the inside. Someone wealthy with car doors that open like this *does scissor motion*, not like that *normal car door*.

    So I'm going to say Super Mario as plumbers have been on a pretty good wicket during these last few boom years.

    Jak and Daxter 2 or 3. It's the health bar. Atleast I think so.

    Ratchet and Clank?

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