'SnapMap' Editor For The New Doom Will Let You Make Custom Game Modes

In my youth, I spent many, many hours toiling away with the Doom's map editors, crafting all sorts of bizarre stuff. It was the perfect blend of fun, creativity and education. Back then, the tools were somewhat rudimentary, however, for the next Doom game, id's "SnapMap" editor looks like it'll make level creation child's play.

In this video, id's Marty Stratton and Robert Duffy explain the expansive functionality contained within SnapMap, which will be available on all three of the game's platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

id has a pretty good understanding of how user-created content can keep a game alive years after release and the developer doesn't want the latest instalment in the Doom franchise to go quietly into the imp-infested night.

Going by the presentation here, SnapMap seems to embrace a modular approach to level design, where you can select different rooms and connecting bits and hook them together into a cohesive whole. Pepper some bad guys and power-ups around the place and off you go.

Despite the simplicity, id promises the editor will allow for complex creations, including "completely custom game modes" according to Stratton. I'll be interested to see how much power id's able to give players without resorting to straight-up scripting.

Build it yourself with Doom SnapMap [Bethesda]


    Can't wait for november until Fallout 4 is out and Bethesda starts talking Doom more.

    Screw what other people say, i am looking forward to doom more than Fallout 4.

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