SOMA Looks Like BioShock Mixed With Amnesia

In other words, SOMA looks like a big ol' bag of nope.

I'm excited about SOMA all of a sudden. It's flown under the radar a bit, but it's coming soon and it looks terrifying.

It comes from the creators of Amnesia, the game that had every YouTuber across the globe screaming nonsensically into microphones.

Considering how much the YouTube audience loves horror games, I expect SOMA to do the exact same.

It's kinda looking like Amnesia mixed with BioShock, what with the claustrophobic underwater setting. I want it. I also don't want any part of it ever because NOPE.

It comes out on PC and PS4 on September 22.


    Looks like one for midnight play in VR goggles....

    I want to play this but i don't do horror games too well.

    Not exactly the Brave New World adaptation I was expecting from the title but looks sick anyway, even if I am at these games.

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